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COVID-19 Response Statement

Shadai Home Health Services has always prioritized the safety of our clients and caregivers, and in these uncertain times, this is no different. That’s why we are practicing and enforcing best practices for social distancing and self-isolation amidst COVID-19.

As you know, safety recommendations — including those for our clients and staff — can and will likely change in accordance to the CDC and our state recommendations. You can count on us to keep up to date with the latest recommendations by the state and federal government. We will share this information with you on our website

​We encourage you to stay safe. This includes practicing safe social distancing. We are thinking about our clients and rest assured that we’re doing our best to keep you informed and taking every precaution to help flatten the curve. This means support will be somewhat selective and limited during this time.

​We will be following the CDC’s recommended guidelines to keep our employees and clients safe.

In addition, we are taking the following precautions with our employees: ​

  • Workers will sanitize and disinfect shared services frequently

  • All workers are required to have a face mask 

  • Hand Washing with soap and water

  • Hand sanitizer when soap and water is not readily available.

We encourage our clients to wear masks or facial coverings, wash/sanitize your hands regularly, and — most importantly — stay at home if you are feeling sick.

However, you can stay abreast of what is happening by following us on social media. 


You can also continue to support our business in various ways.  Please, follow us on social media and tell a friend or family member about us.

​If you have specific questions not addressed here or on our website, reach out to Shadai Home Health Services. We’re still available to answer your questions and respond to any concerns, though do keep in mind, the response time might be a little longer than what you’re used to.


​We are working diligently to adapt to new circumstances while planning.  Our clients have always been the heart of our company. We’re grateful to you, your ongoing support, and that you’re doing your part to flatten the curve.




​Shadai Management

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